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(Including Tribal Courts)
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One of the most common case types in the United States falls under the category of Family Law. Also called matrimony law, family law covers family matters and domestic relations, including Dissolution, Legal Separation, Parentage, Modifications, Relocation, Non Parent Custody, Child Support, Parenting Plans, Contempt of Court Orders, Domestic Violence Orders for Protection, Sexual Assault Orders for Protection and Vulnerable Adult Orders for Protection.

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Why Use Greater Justice?

Recent studies indicate at least 2 / 3 of people that file in court do not have a lawyer representing them. We all know the importance of hiring an attorney, but the fact is most people "go it alone" because they simply cannot afford one.

With Greater Justice, we offer Legal Document Preparation which will significantly reduce the cost of working with an attorney. The documents will be prepared by experienced Paralegals, and Overseen and Reviewed by an Experienced Family Law Attorney.

Instead of hiring an attorney to handle your entire case start to finish, you can do most parts of it yourself, and use our services to prepare, oversee and review the correct legal documentation.

Greater Justice can prepare legal documentation for every court in Washington State, including Tribal courts.

Greater Justice is not a good fit for every case. Hiring an attorney for full representation may be what you need, but before you commit to spending thousands of dollars up front, find out if Greater Justice can work for you.

We Prepare Legal Documents for the Following Family Law Matters



Legal Seperation

Relocation Action

Non Parent Custody

Child Support


Parenting Plans

Contempt of Court Orders and Responses

Modifications of existing Parenting Plan

Modifications of existing Child Support Order

Settlements by mutual agreement

Tribal Court Actions

Jurisdictional Issues under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act

Orders for Protection: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Vulnerable Adult actions and Responses

Upon request, we will assess your needs and provide an individualized quote for you.